Hantas established in year 1950 by Abdullah Kayhan, and leaded our business sector during 1950-1976 period. In 1976, with HANTAS name, Abdullah Kayhan and his 3 sons beginned working in production of cylinders, presses, and machine equipments till now.

"Remembered as a Worldwide Brand......!"

Our mission is to give high standart, quality service to our customers. By giving high standard, quality service, maximizing our customers satisfaction level is our mission. Our aim is by not consuming the ideas, creating ideas, with our professional disciplined and amateur spirited staff, to keep our leading position in our sector. We kept quality in first place in all our products that we have produced.

Our vision is to catch the best level in our production line. Esteem, respect and honesty are our basic princibles. Satisfaction of our customers is our high priority by adopting, sharing the continious quality improvement.